Each lesson will be tailored to your requirements, but over a four hour session we would typically produce 5-6 dishes which could include the following:


  • Impressing your guests with a dinner party with the wow factor
  • Breadmaking
  • Sushi
  • Canapes
  • Fresh pasta
  • Basic pastry skills for those dessert lovers


In essence, our cookery lessons are governed purely by time, in a four hour session we will produce approximately 4-6 dishes. We will put together a range of recipe ideas for you to choose based upon your specific requirements taking in to account any dietary requirements or allergies. Once you have chosen the dishes you'd like to cook, let us know the number of people you'd like to cook for and we will send you a shopping list for the ingredients to have available.

Our prices for a two session start from £80 per person based on two people enjoying a lesson.